Care with love and dignity.                 


The St. Michael's Health Group, incorporated through the St. Michael's Extended Care Centre Society, is a Christian voluntary organization with an entrepreneurial spirit, dedicated to the provision of wellness-focused holistic care and community services to all with love and dignity.

Key Values Of St. Michael's

  • Set high goals for programs and services that can be measured. Express pride in St. Michael's Health Care Group's accomplishments and contributions to care. Challenge St. Michael's Health Care Group leadership to move beyond the status quo.

  • Act consistently according to these stated values. Ensure open and honest communication. Consider diverse views while firmly supporting Board decisions. Take personal responsibility for full participation in work activities and preparation for same. Ensure transparency in our decision-making process.

  • Consider the community impact of our decisions. Collaborate with others and foster partnership with business, government and community groups. Be respectful of other work units in our community of care at St. Michael's.

  • Regularly evaluate our goals/progress and report these honestly. Ensure systems and procedures are in place for financial accountability.

  • Ensure residents have a forum and voice in planned care. Regularly communicate with families and caregivers of St. Michael's Health Group residents and services.


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