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Capital Campaign - Fundraising Continues

“There is a Little Angel in Each of Us” Capital Campaign was launched in July of 2008 to raise $7.5 million to retro-fit and upgrade our 30 year old Long Term Care Facility. Through fundraising efforts we have raised $4 million from St. Michael’s reserves, the Provincial Government and your support.

This Capital Campaign will greatly improve the quality of life for our residents. Construction is currently underway! We are upgrading lighting, flooring, handrails, nurse call system, the fire warning system and many more safety and necessary changes. With a more modern and home-like feel, the Long Term Care Centre will be transformed into a welcoming and comfortable place to live while enjoying family and friends.

It is our hope that the community will rise up and assist St. Michael’s with the remaining $3.5 million of this important and much needed project! Please click the Donate Now! (could this be a link to the donation page) button to help St. Michael’s complete our goal of a wonderful, safe and happy home for our residents.

Raised to date: 4.5 Million


The $6 million we intend to raise will be used towards enriching the lives of our residents now and in the future. The following initiatives will create a better environment for our seniors at the St. Michael's Long Term Care Centre:
  • creating a more soothing and open environment on our Alzherimer's and Dementia floor.
  • rebuilding the main reception area to provide a more functional and welcoming atmosphere for visiting families and friends.
  • redesigning the unit dining areas to accommodate wheelchairs and upgrading the dining furniture for comfort and hygiene.
  • enhancing lighting throught the centre to accommodate failing eyesight.
  • refurbishing the resident rooms with new furniture to provide a comfortable and functional environment suitable to their healthcare needs.
These improvements and upgrades will deliver cost effectiveness and energy efficiencies to our building and will transform the Long Term Care Centre into a facility offering the upmost level of care and service.


  • Myron Borys – Capital Campaign Chair – Vice President General Manager, Synergy
  • Stan C. Fisher – President and CEO of St. Michael’s Health Group
  • John Kopeck – Local Retail Manager, Edmonton Journal
  • Dennis Mozak – President and CEO, Synergy Projects Ltd.
  • John McDonald – Business Consultant
  • Christine Teterenko – Director, Fund Development and Communications, St. Michael’s Health Group
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