Family Update March 27

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We would like to provide you with an update of activity and decisions being made at St. Michael’s Long Term Care Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic. As of March 24, the SMLTCC was no longer on outbreak for influenza-like-illness. However, we continue to regularly monitor residents for any changes to their health and we will maintain active monitoring and screening of residents as long as needed.

Secondly, on March 26, 2020 the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Province of Alberta announced additional protocols to be implemented by all operators’ and service providers of a health care facility including St. Michael’s Long Term Care Centre. There are specific orders with this newest directive which we will be implementing to keep residents of our long term care site as safe as possible.

At this time there are no cases of Covid-19 St. Michael’s Long Term Care Centre. Should this change you will be notified, whether it is a Covid-19 case, or an influenza or gastrointestinal outbreak. Daily screening of staff including taking their temperatures has been implemented since last week and this will continue as we work to ensure the safety of our residents. Increased cleaning and disinfecting by our housekeeping staff, isolation of residents if they are unwell, individual or very small group of residents (less than 5) participating in recreational activities at one time are a few of the measures we are taking to keep your loved one safe.

While we recognize that our residents miss seeing you and you miss seeing them, NO VISITORS ARE ALLOWED ONSITE. This is for everyone’s safety. If there is a change in a residents’ health status, the family will be notified. Essential visitors are only families of a resident who is dying, and staff will confirm who can visit.

We understand this is a difficult time for Residents and families. Earlier this week we began contacting families so you could have some ‘face time’ with your loved one. We will continue to provide these opportunities as frequently as possible but please understand that with 153 residents it is not feasible for every family to have daily visits in this way. We will nonetheless try to accommodate as many as possible daily.

We understand all these actions have a tremendous impact on the day-to-day lives of our Residents and you – their families. However it is essential that as many measures as possible be put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Any comments can be directed to our Social Worker, Rosaly Palchevskaya who can be reached at 780-472-4535. We remain committed to keeping you informed as the situation changes.