May 20 Drop Off Items For Residents

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What you need to know to drop off items for LTCC Residents

To facilitate family members dropping off essential items for your loved ones while ensuring we are reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, please follow the steps below. Thank you!

Please note, you are only able to leave items for your family member.

  • Select items that you know can be easily cleaned and disinfected by SMLTCC staff before being given to the Resident. If this is not possible, our staff will secure the item for 72 hours before passing it on to the Resident


  • No homemade food/treats/drinks are permitted at this time


  • Clothing items will be sent for labelling and laundering before being given to the Resident


  • Please leave candy, peanuts in original packaging. No open loose food items permitted


  • Please try to limit deliveries of items to once per week


  • Wrap the items in a clear plastic bag and with permanent marker write the Resident name and room number on the outside of the bag


  • Wrap the bag in a second clear plastic Again label this with Resident name and room number


  • Call SMLTCC Main Reception (780.473.5621) giving your name and the Resident’s name and let them know what time you plan to drop off a parcel


  • Drop off times are 9:30 am – 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. If there are others at the entry, please line up outside the front entrance doors. Wear a mask and practice physical distancing as per the marked lines on the ground


  • When it is your turn, enter the vestibule of our Main Entrance and leave the bag on the table in the vestibule
    • Our Main Receptionist should wave and acknowledge your drop off
    • If the Main Receptionist is not at the desk to note your delivery, please phone 780.473.5621 to let us know you left items as planned
    • Exit the vestibule keeping distance from anyone who may be in line behind you. Please do not enter the facility


  • Once you have left the vestibule, SMLTCC staff will collect the items and move them to a safe area until staff can process them


  • If we determine we are not able to safely pass on any item to the Resident, you will be contacted and arrangements made to return the items to you

Thank you!