Supportive Living Family Update April 6

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These past few weeks have been a big adjustment for our residents, families and staff. Our lives have been temporarily turned upside down. We have been mandated to implement many changes lately and thank you and our residents for complying. We must continue to maintain our strict precautions for the foreseeable future.

To date, none of our residents or staff have tested positive of Covid19. For that we are very thankful! We continue to monitor our residents very closely and should any of them exhibit symptoms of any kind, we attend to them immediately, contact AHS if necessary and follow the protocols we are given.

We have recently been mandated to limit dining to 2 residents per table. We have also been mandated to limit recreational activities to groups of 5 residents of less. To comply with this, we are offering certain activities (like exercises) several times per day but in smaller groups.

We are also reminding residents to practice physical distancing and keep 6 feet apart. While some residents are not happy with these changes, we ask you to remind them that it is temporary and for their safety.

There are also other things you can continue to help us with to keep our residents safe and healthy. They include:

  • When dropping off supplies, groceries, notes for residents, please call the number posted on the door, label and leave your items on the table in the vestibule and exit the building. Once you have exited, our staff will then pick up those items and bring to your loved one.
  • Please try to avoid dropping off items during mealtimes. Staff are busy serving the meals and may not be able to answer the call/door.
  • Please do not ask your loved one to meet you in the lobby of the building so you can hand them supplies. This will not be permitted.
  • Remind your loved one to wash their hands – often!
  • Call your loved one daily. It really does make a difference to their well-being to hear from you!

With warmer weather on the horizon (hopefully), we look forward to allowing our residents outdoors, into our courtyard for some fresh, spring air. We know how hard being shut in has been for them.

We have received many expressions of thanks from some of you and are very grateful! Some of you have also offered to bring special treats or meals for our staff. While we would love to be able to accept those, AHS will not permit it at this time. Once things return to normal, we will plan a post-Covid celebration for our staff and residents, and for that, we may welcome your offerings.

Thank you for your cooperation and support during these stressful times.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!