Supportive Living Family Update May 4

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Last week, the Chief Medical Officer of Health issued an Order indicating that, where feasible, residents can enjoy outdoor visits with up to two individuals. This has resulted in some families assuming it is safe to visit their loved one. We’d like you to please take note that the order is not meant to open up general visitation and it has several stipulations. The primary stipulation is that these outdoor visits are only being allowed with designated essential visitors.

A designated essential visitor is defined (by the Chief Medical Officer of Health) as someone who is required to assist in carrying out the quality of life or care-related activities that staff are unable to provide.


View list of Chief Medical Officer updates


At this time, our staff are able to provide your loved ones with quality of life and care. We will evaluate each resident’s well-being on a case-by-case basis and should their status change and we are not able to provide quality of life or care, we will contact the family and take the necessary steps to identify a designated essential visitor for that resident.

Another change that has come about from the recent Order issued last week is that of isolation following a medical appointment. As from previous Orders, residents were asked not to leave the building for any reason other than attending an essential medical appointment. This is still the case except that now, following the return from the doctor’s office, residents must isolate for 14-days. This does not apply to those residents who require daily/weekly dialysis or cancer treatment appointments.


While these precautions may seem to be extreme, please remember that they are in place to help keep your loved one and all our residents safe and healthy. And so far, these precautions seem to be working.

We are still carrying out small-group activities where possible and encouraging the residents to spend some time outdoors. Also, we thank you for continuing to send supplies and for keeping in regular contact with you loved one as these actions really lift their spirits.

In the upcoming weeks, if the situation in Alberta continues to stabilize, we hope that we will see some relaxing of restrictions. While the strict measures surrounding seniors’ facilities may be the last to have restrictions lifted, there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Please remember that we are continuously posting updates (and also outbreak status) to our website at should you ever wish to find the most current information.


Thank you for your continued cooperation and helping us all to stay safe!