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We’ve answered the most common ones below. If you can’t find an answer to your question contact us and we would be happy to answer it. Call or email: hall@smhg.ca

Pricing & Booking

How early should I book Heritage Hall?

We have many dates booked even 16 to 24 months ahead of time, therefore we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Please call 780-472-4508 to check availability or visit the website www.smhg.ca it is updated weekly.

Is there a minimum number of guests for Heritage Hall?

Yes, the menu is based on 100 adults in attendance, costs will increase for selected menu items as numbers go down from 100. You must use our caterers to rent Heritage Hall. No outside food is allowed with the exception of cake or candy bar.

Is the hall available for New Year’s Eve?

No, we are closed each year just before Christmas until a few days after New Year’s.

How do I view Heritage Hall?

Call the Event Associate at 780.472.4508 to make arrangements to view in person or visit our social media pages to view pictures:





How much is the hall rental?

The hall is $1000 for one day.

For more details or to discuss weekend wedding arrangements, please contact us.

How much is the Damage Deposit?

A $500 deposit is required to book Heritage Hall. It is refunded after the event and is not included in the rental price. It can be paid by Visa, Master Card, Debit, Cash, Cheque or E-transfer. A receipt is provided. Damage deposits will be returned within 14-24 business days by mail via cheque. Providing there was no damage and other additional cost incurred. Please ensure the Event associate has your up to date address.

Do I need to provide liability insurance?

St Michael’s has its own insurance to cover Heritage Hall and any services that we provide.  It is recommended that you provide your own insurance (party insurance – third party liability) for your guests as you are responsible for them (especially when it comes to alcohol consumption).Your insurance company might offer event insurance.

Catering & Alcohol Service Questions

Do you have a cake cutting fee?

Yes and no. We don’t charge to cut a wedding cake if you are using your own plates, forks, and napkins. Otherwise there is a $50.00 fee to cut and plate your cake. If you do not want our catering staff to cut the cake please let the Event Associate know in advance.

What types and amount of alcohol should we buy based on the number of guests we have?

Please request a bar service form from the Events Associate, which will provide the full list of suggested alcohol types and quantities. The bartenders will make shooters if you supply the ingredients.

Can we have an open bar or toonie bar?

Yes, a donation bar or honour bar is also recommended, if you are selling tickets for a toonie bar you will need to provide a ticket seller. Please remember to bring your own cash float and tickets. Be sure to include cash only bar on your invitations. We do not have an ATM! You may also want to put out a honeymoon fund jar on the bar.

Do I need a Liquor Licence?

Yes, if you wish to have liquor at your event. A valid permit must be displayed during your event. Homemade liquor is not allowed under Alberta Law. For information and to buy a valid permit online visit: aglc.ca/eventlicence

What does corkage include?

The bartending staff, Ice, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger ale, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Tonic Water, Club Soda,  Motts Clamato juice , Glassware and stemware, Lemons & Limes, Salt, Pepper, Celery Salt, Tabasco Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce.

What if we have children attending?

Corkage is charged on everyone. We have Juice and Pop for children. We do not have milk. See: corkage.
Catering for Children under age 3 is free. Children ages 3-9 are half price, if you have a minimum of 100 adults attending your event. Please notify us ahead of time on how many children are attending.

Do you have wine glasses?

Yes, they are included. We will uncork the wine if desired and put it on each table, please fill in a bar service form provided by the events coordinator to ensure the bartenders are aware of what you want done with your alcohol.

About Heritage Hall

Do you have a piano?

We have an electric baby grand Piano at the hall. There is no charge to have it available for your event. Please refrain from putting any drinks on the piano.

How do I arrange for tables, chairs, or other such items I may need?

Simply inform us of your desired layout, we set up the tables and chairs prior to your event. Tables and Chairs are included in the hall rental. Ask the event coordinator for a sample layout for your wedding size.

What connections do you have for projectors?

VGA, audio in, and RCA jacks. A slideshow or video can be viewed on both projectors at the same time. There is a $125 charge for screens and projector use. You need to supply your own laptop for PowerPoint presentations or DVD. You will need adapter cables if using an apple computer.

Who will clean up at the end of my event?

Please remember to take all of your personal belongings. Our staff will take care of tables and chairs. Our caterers will take care of the food and dishes. Housekeeping will clean the facility.

What is the distance between the pillars in the hall?

The distance between the four pillars in the middle of the room is 21’ 10”. The distance diagonally between the pillars in the middle of the room is 31’

Are highchairs available?

Yes, we have booster seats and high chairs.

How wide is the inside of the stage?

Between the pillars is 22 feet. The stage is 17 feet from front to back.

The front ceiling of the stage is at 88.5 Inches. The back is 92″ Tall. The height change occurs 68″ from the front of the stage. (The back of the stage has a higher ceiling).

What size are your tables?

Round tables are 5 Feet in diameter. Each round table seats up to 8 people.

Wedding Head Table setup suggestions:

Head Table (4 People) 8 Feet x 30 inches.

Head Table (5-9 People) 16 Feet x 30 inches.

Head Table (10-14 People) 24 Feet x 30 Inches.

What size are the chairs if I need to rent chair covers?

Chairs are 37″ Tall. 17″ Wide. 22″ Front to Back. The top of the seat is 20″ off the floor.

Do you have any tulle or arches?

No but, we do have divider curtains for rent for smaller more intimate events or for ceremonies. Please ask the Event Coordinator if you are interested in renting these for your function.

Is the Hall wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we have an elevator and all washrooms are handicap accessible.

Is parking available for my guests?

heritage-hall-parking-5 Yes, we have free off street parking at the church behind the Hall, as well as, on the street or in the parking lot beside the Hall. Ask the Event Coordinator if these will be any parking conflicts with using the Northgate Lions lot.

Questions About Your Event

How many people should we estimate for a Late Lunch?

Between 50%-75% of original guest numbers. Example: With 180 Guests you might select 90 for the late lunch, you would only be charged for 90. If there are leftovers let the catering staff know if you would like to take them home.

Where can I get Linens?

We will supply a basic white or Ivory linen for the following tables: Buffet Table, DJ Table, Guest Book Table, Gift Table, Head Table, candy Bar, Cake Table, Etc. These are skirted 8ft tables.

You can now rent our white round table cloths if you would like. Or you may rent table cloths and napkins anywhere you prefer (ask your Event Associate for recommendations).

Can we choose our DJ?

Yes, you can choose to have a DJ or hire anyone you wish. We do not allow fog machines or sparklers. The DJ must have their own speakers; ours are setup for the podium microphone (which is included in your rental)

“Day of Event” Questions

What do we need to bring?

Linens for the guest tables and cloth napkins should you wish along with decorations, centrepieces, liquor, wine, beer and any speciality juice or pop. We also ask that you provide the cash float and tickets for your bar service.

What time should our event start?

Most start times are fine. Example: Cocktails at 5:30 dinner at 6:30. Let us know your times at least 30 days prior to the event. Bartenders are supplied for up to 8 hours, a start time earlier than 5pm will result in the bar closing early to comply with Liquor laws.

Do we have to rush and take down all decorations at the end of the night?

You may be allowed to access the hall to get your decorations on the following Sunday, please ask for details.

How can I decorate the hall for my event?

Blue sticky tack is ok on the walls.
No tape or staples on the walls.
We have several designated attach points on the ceiling.

How early may I start setting up for my event?

There is no charge to decorate. If the hall is not booked, you may be allowed to start decorating at noon on the day before your event. Please arrange this with the Event Coordinator.

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