Our Volunteers

Our volunteers play an essential role in the enhancement of the quality of life of our residents at St. Michael’s. We are thankful for their commitment to our organization, and for the opportunity to witness the meaningful connections they continue creating with those we care for.

Volunteers offer their time both on and off site on a daily basis. We are grateful for the heart, time, loving care and compassion they give so freely. The happiness they evoke not only radiates on the faces of our residents, but also leaves a lasting imprint on their hearts.

We are so proud of their ongoing hard work! We could not provide the care we do without our dedicated volunteers; they are the heart of our team.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrews

Why Choose Us?

Volunteering your time for our residents not only benefits them, but you as well. We are committed to providing you with a memorable volunteer experience. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Enriching residents’ quality of life by providing additional activity and human contact.
  • Provides experiences to foster your personal growth objectives.
  • Provides an opportunity to use your skills as you transition into or out of the workforce.
  • Meet new people and develop new friendships.


Volunteers do not require any previous experience, but the following is required:

  • A willingness to help others
  • Sensitive to the needs of the elderly
  • Fostering an inclusive environment
  • Successful completion of the application process

Get in Touch

For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Svitlana Kadziela
Phone: 780-472-4534
Email: skadziela@smhg.ca

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Our volunteers are the heart of our team. Below is a list of the many programs, services and activities that are blessed with the special, loving touch of our volunteers.

Please note: These are volunteer positions. The hours listed outline the times when we need help, however volunteer hours are somewhat flexible and we are happy to accommodate your schedule!


  1. Bus Driver
  • Transport residents to group outings offsite
  • Driver is included in admission and all group activities

Time Commitment: weekdays when needed; 3-4 hours per shift



  1. Community Outing Attendant
  • Accompany residents on community outings
  • Participate alongside residents in all activities
  • Provide residents with a change of environment to increase overall fulfillment and enjoyment of life

Time Commitment: when needed; 3-5 hours per shift



  1. Day Support Aide
  • Set tables for lunch
  • Serve lunch to clients
  • Assist clients with their meals when necessary
  • Clean up and wash dishes after meals
  • Assist clients back to main reception at the end of the day

Time Commitment: Monday-Friday (10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.); 4 hours per shift



  1. Ambassador
  • Greet visitors at the front entrance on Sunday’s
  • Manage Tuck Cart on Sunday’s
  • Transport residents to and from church on Sunday’s
  • Mail outs

Time Commitment: Sunday’s (11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.)


  1. Community Bingo Volunteer
  • Exercise selling skills
  • Bingos take place at Kensington, Castledowns and Fort Road bingo halls
  • Provided with meals and beverages throughout bingo

Time Commitment: when needed (10:30a.m.-4:00p.m.); Please refer to our Bingo Schedule.



  1. Gardening Attendant
  • Weeding and cleaning planters and flower pots
  • Bring joy to our residents by maintaining the flowers

Time Commitment: Seasonal (June 1st – October 1st); 1-2 times per week; 3-4 hours per shift



  1. Hair Salon Assistant
  • Safely bring residents to and from the hair salon
  • Assist the hair stylist as necessary

Time Commitment: weekdays (9:30a.m.-3:00p.m.); 3-4 hours per shift


  1. Kitchen Assistant
  • Assist staff with vegetable and fruit preparation
  • Wash dishes after meal times
  • Clean meal trays and carts between meals
  • Properly insert meal trays into caddies for delivery to residents
  • Porter caddy to the resident pods for meals
  • Clean up meal trays when residents finish eating and return to kitchen

Time Commitment: weekends (8:30a.m.-1:00p.m.)


  1. Laundry/Housekeeping Assistant
  • Fold and hang residents` clothing
  • Deliver clean laundry to residents` rooms
  • Disinfect handrails, door knobs and other high-touch surfaces
  • Wipe down laundry hampers

Time Commitment: weekends (8:30a.m.-1:30p.m.)



  1. Bingo Caller

Time Commitment: (1:00p.m.-3:30p.m. & 6:00-7:30p.m.); 1-2 hours per shift

  1. Recreation Assistant

Time Commitment: (9:30a.m.-3:00p.m.)

  1. Nice Nails Attendant

Time Commitment: (flexible time); 1-2 hours per shift

  1. Kitchen Assistant

Time Commitment: weekends (8:30a.m.-1:00p.m.)


  1. Musical Entertainer
  • Great for anyone who plays a musical instrument and enjoys sharing their talent
  • Provide musical entertainment for residents with volunteer`s personal instrument
  • Provide sensory stimulation for residents

Time Commitment: 1-2 times per week; 1-2 hours per shift



  1. Group Therapy Assistant
  • Prepare equipment/supplies for exercise activities
  • Provide assistance to the therapist in charge when necessary
  • Encourage residents to participate in exercise activities to maintain strength and increase independence

Time Commitment: Monday-Friday (10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.); 3-4 hours per shift


  1. Porter
  • Bring residents to and from the therapy room
  • Actively participate and assist with any exercises and activities given by physical therapists

Time Commitment: Monday-Friday (10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.); 3-4 hours per shift


  1. Porter
  • Bring residents to and from church services in the chapel
  • Encourage residents to connect spiritually

Time Commitment: Sunday’s and Tuesday’s (1:30p.m.-3:00p.m.)


  1. Spiritual Visitor
  • Provide companionship
  • Assist with the spiritual guidance of residents

Time Commitment: anytime Sunday-Saturday; 1-2 hours per shift



  1. Pet Therapy Aide
  • Volunteer brings their pet and visits with residents
  • Increases sensory stimulation, reminiscence and entertainment

Time Commitment: 1-2 times per week; 1-2 hours per shift



  1. Recreation Assistant
  • Crafts
  • Bingo caller
  • Games
  • Reading/writing letters
  • Musical entertainment (sing along)
  • Nice Nails
  • Exercise program
  • Gardening
  • Birthday parties
  • Off-site outings
  • Shopping
  • Juice cart

Time Commitment: Monday-Saturday; 2-4 hours per shift



  1. Meal Assistant
  • Assist residents with their meals when necessary
  • Special feeding training (Loving Spoonful)

Time Commitment: (8:45a.m.-10:00a.m. & 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m. & 4:45p.m.-6:00p.m.)


  1. Appointment Companion
  • Accompany residents to offsite appointments

Time Commitment: when needed on weekdays (8:00a.m.-4:00p.m.); 2-3 hours per shift



  1. Social Visitor
  • Take residents outside for a walk (weather permitting)
  • Visiting one-on-one with residents
  • Use resident interests to choose activities and games

Time Commitment: Sunday-Saturday (9:30a.m.-11:30a.m. & 1:30p.,m.-4:30p.m.); 2-3 hours per shift

Friends of St. Michael's Society of Edmonton (FOSMSOE)

Whether the need is therapeutic equipment, sit-to-stand lifts, recreation activities or any other needed addition to provide quality care, The Friends Of St. Michael’s Society Of Edmonton are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who call St. Michael’s home.

For more than 30 years, the members of the FOSMSOE have devoted countless hours to provide much needed financial support to all our St. Michael’s sites. Members do not shy away from working bingo events several times a week, helping at casinos or other fundraising initiatives. And these same volunteers also help support residents with recreational activities, as Ambassadors in long term care or for pastoral care services and events.

Since inception as the Rainbow Club and the St. Michael’s Auxiliary, and then amalgamation as the Friends Of St. Michael’s Society Of Edmonton, this dedicated group of volunteers have raised well over $2 million through bingo and casino events. 100% of these funds have been donated to support identified needs and priorities within St. Michael’s Health Group’s facilities. This financial assistance has helped purchase much needed equipment including lifts, slings, and therapeutic equipment. In addition, funding from FOSMSOE has provided support for recreational, social, wellness and leisure activities for the entire year for the residents at all 4 of our St. Michael’s sites.

St. Michael’s Health Group has a long and proud history in the community as an outstanding provider of quality senior care. This would not be possible without the cooperation and assistance of the Friends Of St. Michael’s Society Of Edmonton.

FOSMSOE Executive Members:

Back Row (L-R): Cindy Guenther – Director  |  Jeannette Calder – Director |  Orest Kochan – Director  |  Della Kostyshen – Secretary/Treasurer |  Pat Wilkes – Vice President

Front Row (L-R): Adeline Titowich – Past-President |  Vicky Beauchamp – President

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