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St. Michael’s volunteers are an integral part of our mission to provide loving care to our residents. We are so grateful for these individuals who generously donate their time and energy to help us in living this mission.

Volunteers help daily with recreational activities, food services, hair salon services, housekeeping, laundry, pastoral care, resident care, Day Support Program, therapeutics and more. We are grateful for the big hearts, time, loving care and compassion which our volunteers give so freely. It has been a pleasure to work with our volunteers providing Care With Love And Dignity to our residents. The happiness volunteers bring is not only seen on the faces of the residents, but also felt in their hearts.

Diverse, dedicated, and show what it means to be Canadian!

We are so proud of their hard work! We could not do this without you, our volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of our team. Regardless of the activity or project, having active volunteers on-site brings much joy and quality of life to all the residents – thank you!

Volunteer Teams

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Make A Difference! Get Involved In Improving Quality Of Life For Our Residents.

Volunteers are always welcome and needed to help with a variety of exciting programs and services offered to our residents. Below are some opportunities and programs available in our facilities. Assist in providing social, recreation and health oriented activities for the benefit of our residents and the community at large. This enhances their quality of life by reducing their isolation, thereby making their lives more meaningful and stimulating.

Ambassador Program
Volunteers meet and greet families of residents as well as the general public. They provide information to them and generally welcome guest to to the Long Term Care Centre in a friendly atmosphere

Fun and Fit / Exercise Class
Volunteers assist with exercises to help residents maintain their strength and increase independence

Fundraising Bingos
These occur in community bingo halls as per the attached Bingo Schedule. Volunteers have the opportunity to meet people, to socialize, exercise selling skills and are given an excellent meal as well as beverages throughout the bingo

Bingo program in-house
Volunteers take residents to the area where the bingo game is being held as well as assist them with watching and marking their cards, and encouraging participation in these programs

Pastoral Care
Volunteers provide companionship and assist with the spiritual guidance of residents

Church Porters
Volunteers assist wheelchair-bound residents to chapel services (on-site) and return them to their rooms after services (weekend opportunities are available)

Gardening / Spades and Hoes (Plant Care)
An opportunity to share knowledge and increase self-esteem with the residents through successful growth and/or maintenance of indoor and outdoor gardens

Crafts / Baking
Volunteers encourage creativity and socialization using their own skills, while focusing on the ability of the residents

Pet Therapy / Challengers
Volunteers and their pets spend time with the residents to increase sensory stimulation, reminiscence and to provide amusement

Sing Along
Residents gather to sing songs familiar to them and in their language

Mobile Library Therapy
Volunteers deliver reading material to the residents, in a familiar language, to help encourage independent leisure time

Community Outings
Volunteers assist with taking residents on outings, which provides them with a change of environment to stimulate cognition and to increase enjoyment of life

News and Views
Volunteers interact with residents to keep them informed of current issues and news, and to encourage them to express their opinions or reminisce

Live Entertainment
Voluntary entertainment provides sensory stimulation, increases reminiscence and decreases boredom

Birthday Party
Volunteers assist in the celebrations honouring those residents whose birth month it is

Assist residents on to attend appointments outside the facility

Volunteers assist residents with computers and Internet service

Volunteers porter residents to and from the various programs, activities and special events they wish to attend

Laundry Assistant
Volunteers assist with folding the laundry

Group Therapy Assistant
Volunteers provide assistance to the therapists who conduct the activities

Special Events
Volunteers assist with special events such as bake sales, seasonal parties and events, etc.

Kitchen Assistant
Volunteers assist kitchen staff with preparing, serving, and cleaning up after meals

Friends of St. Michael's Society of Edmonton (FOSMSOE)

Whether the need is therapeutic equipment, sit-to-stand lifts, recreation activities or any other needed addition to provide quality care, The Friends Of St. Michael’s Society Of Edmonton are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who call St. Michael’s home.

For more than 30 years, the members of the FOSMSOE have devoted countless hours to provide much needed financial support to all our St. Michael’s sites. Members do not shy away from working bingo events several times a week, helping at casinos or other fundraising initiatives. And these same volunteers also help support residents with recreational activities, as Ambassadors in long term care or for pastoral care services and events.

Since inception as the Rainbow Club and the St. Michael’s Auxiliary, and then amalgamation as the Friends Of St. Michael’s Society Of Edmonton, this dedicated group of volunteers have raised well over $2 million through bingo and casino events. 100% of these funds have been donated to support identified needs and priorities within St. Michael’s Health Group’s facilities. This financial assistance has helped purchase much needed equipment including lifts, slings, and therapeutic equipment. In addition, funding from FOSMSOE has provided support for recreational, social, wellness and leisure activities for the entire year for the residents at all 4 of our St. Michael’s sites.

St. Michael’s Health Group has a long and proud history in the community as an outstanding provider of quality senior care. This would not be possible without the cooperation and assistance of the Friends Of St. Michael’s Society Of Edmonton.

FOSMSOE Executive Members:

Back Row (L-R): Cindy Guenther – Director  |  Jeannette Calder – Director |  Orest Kochan – Director  |  Della Kostyshen – Secretary/Treasurer |  Pat Wilkes – Vice President

Front Row (L-R): Adeline Titowich – Past-President |  Vicky Beauchamp – President

We Love Our Volunteers!

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