Spring is the season of hope. As the vaccine rollout continues, we can all be hopeful for brighter days ahead. COVID has certainly shone a spotlight on the care of our seniors throughout Canada. Perhaps the most important consequence of this pandemic related to seniors, is that it has exposed concerns about how we care for our older citizens.

During the pandemic, we haven’t skipped a beat in our commitment to the care of our residents. We at St. Michael’s are extremely proud of how we have taken on the challenges and thankfully, we were able to quickly adjust and implement critical safety measures at all our sites.

There is no doubt this year has been challenging for many that is why the need is so great. St. Michael’s has been providing great care throughout the pandemic and you are the one who can continue to make the difference.

So many things have changed over the past year – we’re all experiencing it. St. Michael’s has had to adapt and a number of our fundraising initiatives have been cancelled or put on hold over this past year. We have cancelled our annual “This Is Home” fundraising breakfast, once again, traditionally a much-needed revenue source. As difficult as these decisions have been and the financial implications they have had, we will not waiver from the priority to ensure seniors in our care are well taken care of.

We must now work to ensure we are able to maintain and expand the quality of life programs that are so essential for the residents in our care.

Your donation is needed more than ever and will make a significant impact. We realize many of us are struggling and understand not everyone may be able to contribute at this time. We appreciate your continued support and welcome your donations—big or small. If you are able, we ask you please donate to support our work in providing quality care for seniors.

Should you choose, you can also note on the donation card to direct your contribution to one of our other sites or other care needs at St. Michael’s. All gifts are very much valued and help us do our important work.

In times like this, we are reminded of how interconnected we all are. Thank you for being part of our St. Michael’s community. With you, we can continue to provide the quality care your loved ones value.

Stay safe and well,
John Kopeck, President & CEO

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