Supportive Living Family Update March 16

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As the pandemic situation grows, St. Michael’s is continuing with additional preventative measures to stop the COVID-19 virus from entering our facility. As you are aware, we are not allowing our residents to have any visitors. We are pleading with you to please respect this policy and not visit your loved one.

We are highly recommending that our residents not leave the facility for any reason other than unless they have an essential medical appointment. Please do not schedule any non-essential appointments for your loved one at this time.

We understand that your loved one may require supplies (i.e. toilet paper, snacks, etc). We are happy to work with you to get these supplies to them. If you should have something to pass on to your loved one, please call the site manager and they (or another staff member) will meet you in the vestibule of our building where you can pass those items on. We will then bring those items to your loved one. Please DO NOT ask your loved one to meet you in the lobby or front door.

As we implement and adapt changes to our daily lives, we will be posting updates on our website. Please visit to stay up to date on St. Michaels’ information.

This is a stressful time for everyone and we know that some residents may be frightened and not understand the severity of the situation. We encourage you to call your loved one daily (if possible) to check in with them an see how they are coping and provide them some comfort.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.