Visitation Guidelines For Millennium Pavilion Residents

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Effective Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Indoor and outdoor visits will now be permitted. Daily visiting hours are:

  • 9:00am – 11:00am
  • 1:00pm – 4:00 pm
  • 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

No visits are permitted during mealtimes.
No drop-in visits are permitted. All visits must be coordinated with Manager at least 24 hrs in advance.

Indoor Visits

  • your designated support person(s) must set up this visit at least 24hrs in advance by contacting Manager
  • can only take place in your room or lobby lounge on main floor
  • only your 2 designated support persons are able to visit indoors. No other visitors are permitted into the building.
  • your visitors will be screened by staff upon arrival and must wear a mask during the entire visit
  • you should also wear a mask during the entire visit
  • while you are visiting, you must try to remain 6ft apart
  • Visitors and residents are asked to clean the high-touch areas (door knobs, chair arms, bathroom fixtures, TV remotes, etc.) of your rooms following each visit. These areas should be cleaned with Lysol wipes or a disinfectant spray. Families/residents are to coordinate the purchase of wipes or spray and this is to be left in your rooms.

Outdoor Visits

  • your designated support person(s) must set up this visit at least 24hrs in advance by contacting Manager
  • can take place in the courtyard (in the tent or at the MPSL-designated table in the courtyard) or at the benches around the property
  • up to 4 people are able to visit outdoors
  • non-designated support persons can visit at the outdoor visits. Designated support person(s) do not have to be present at outdoor visits.
  • visitors can bring pets to the outdoor visits
  • visitors must wear a mask during entire visit
  • you should also wear a mask during the entire visit
  • when outdoor visitors arrive, they will call you and you will have to meet your visitors in front of the building. They cannot come into the building to get you.
  • when your outdoor visit is finished, you must wash or sanitize your hands

Items Being Dropped Off

  • anyone dropping off items for you must now deliver these items to you personally, through a scheduled visit or, you can now go out to get your own supplies
  • staff will no longer be accepting supplies/food at the front entrance for you

Leaving MPSL And Visiting Off-Site

  • leaving MPSL for non-essential appointments, drives, shopping and other visits is now permitted
  • it is strongly recommended you wear a mask at all times while off-site
  • it is strongly recommended that you not visit high-risk places such as bars, restaurants, casinos, bingo halls, use public transit, etc. or visit other places where physical distancing and proper hand hygiene cannot be maintained
  • do not visit family/friends off-site who are ill
  • you must sign in/out as before
  • when you return from being off-site, you must immediately find a staff member who will screen you and take your temperature
  • isolation upon return will not be required if you are off-site for less than 24hrs
  • if you are off-site for more than 24 hrs (for any reason – hospital, vacation, etc.), 14-day isolation will be required
  • if you have no Covid-19 symptoms, your 2 designated support persons will be permitted to visit you, in your room, during your isolation period. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, no visitors will be permitted during isolation period.

Non-Compliance Of Guidelines

If it is reported to staff, or seen on security cameras that you or your visitors are not complying with the above guidelines (i.e. removing masks during visits, accepting visitors at unscheduled times, allowing drop-in visits,
meeting family in lobby and accepting deliveries, etc.) action will be taken and visitation privileges may be revoked.


Remember – if you or your visitors do not follow the guidelines, your actions are putting ALL MPSL residents and staff at risk of contracting Covid-19.